Best Management for the Perfect Apartment Racks

Fortunately, many apartments have access to basements located in the underground floors of buildings. These are places where thief is also developed to the limit. Therefore, owners of more expensive models decide to attach the bike to a hook placed in the wall. The stores also have racks thanks to which the bike can hang from the ceiling, which is a godsend to the problem of the small space a typical block basement is really small and hardly houses the most needed items.

The hanger used to place the bicycle on the ceiling is particularly good

Placing the bicycle on the ceiling or against the wall will always make more sense if we additionally attempt to unscrew the handlebars then we will gain much more space and the presence of equipment will cease to be practically felt for us. A visit to things perfect.

  • Hooks for hanging a bicycle on the ceiling or on the wall are desirable but problematic for people who occasionally use a bicycle from time to time during the winter season. Any use of the bicycle means that you must wash it before hanging it back on the hooks. Everything is afraid of dirtying the walls and ceiling. The simplest solution in this case is to cover the walls with a surface resistant to pollution: PVC tiles or laminate, or a smooth structure facing.

The bike can also be left in the block corridor as long as it does not disturb the habits of neighbors. Another solution is to store it with friends who have free space in a dry room. You should also think about renting a place in the bicycle storage room. Places of this type have existed for years in larger cities. The monthly rate for bike storage ranges from 20 to approx. 30 dollar.