Break the Chains: Official Knocked Loose Merchandise

Break the Chains: Official Knocked Loose Merchandise

For years, the hardcore music scene has been dominated by influential bands and artists who have inspired generations of fans. Among these powerful voices is Knocked Loose, a five-piece band hailing from Oldham County, Kentucky.

With their aggressive blend of metalcore and hardcore punk, Knocked Loose has gained a loyal following of devoted fans. And now, they are giving their supporters the chance to break free from mundane merchandise with their official merchandise line – Break the Chains.

Gone are the days of plain black t-shirts with generic band logos. The Break the Chains collection is a unique and refreshing take on band merch that reflects Knocked Loose’s edgy music and ethos. From graphic tees to sweatshirts and accessories, each item in this collection embodies the raw energy of their live shows.

But what sets Break the Chains apart from other band merchandise? It’s more than just eye-catching designs – it’s about breaking free from societal norms and limitations. Each design in this collection represents rebellion against conformity and encourages individuality.

One standout piece from this collection is the “Freedom” hoodie. Featuring bold font on a tie-dye background, this sweatshirt not only makes a statement but also provides comfort with its soft material and functional hood. The message behind it? Embrace your freedom to be who you truly are without apologies or restrictions.

Another must-have item is “The American Dream” t-shirt which features an eagle breaking chains against an American flag backdrop. This powerful image sends a strong message about rising above societal expectations and pursuing personal dreams and aspirations.

And let’s not forget about accessories! The “Kingdom Keys” keychain adds some edge to your everyday carry while reminding you to break free from any limiting thoughts or beliefs holding you back.

Aside from making bold statements through fashion, purchasing items from Break the Chains also supports small businesses as all designs are printed on ethically-sourced materials by independent printers across the US.

For those who have yet to experience a Knocked Loose merchandise collection also includes a “Live In Fear” hoodie that captures their intense energy on stage. This piece is not just for fans, but also for anyone looking to add some fierceness to their wardrobe.

The Break the Chains collection is not just about promoting Knocked Loose’s music – it’s about spreading a message of empowerment and liberation. As lead vocalist Bryan Garris states: “It’s important to keep your mind open and thoughtful all throughout life. [We want] our music and audience to reflect that.

So break free from mundane merchandise and join the rebellious spirit with Break the Chains – official Knocked Loose merchandise. Available now on their website, this line will surely catch fans’ attention while inspiring them to live fearlessly and embrace their individuality without apologies.