First to Fly, an African-American Adventure

“A legacy built on dignity cannot be replaced by a legacy built on money”

If there were advanced race in the galaxy, even if they were according to western writers’ standards, they would, at some time…destroy themselves. This is if their technological progress outweighed their spiritual and cultural development.

It is important to understand Africa’s success by emphasizing spirituality rather than technology.

The knowledge lies in the wombs, or (their) way of living, of a rejected person.

Thus, Africa reminds us – “Man Know Thyself!”

In this entertaining adventure, history’s first successful flight is presented with a mix fiction and factual historical information. Richard Kigel’s “On The Wings Of The Wind: The Untold Story of History’s First Flight” is brilliantly written. The story of a team effort of ingenuity and perseverance is beautifully told. It’s a triumph of human spirit as shown by the actions taken by an American African Slave, ancestor of the fourth African American Woman Astronaut. Josiah Brantley was the Great-Great– Great-Granddaddy Dr. Sharon Brantley. Scientist and Astronaut.

Josiah Brantley, an escaped slave, fled from Virginia and Pennsylvania in 1821. Many stories have been told about the past. Most of these are false. But, they keep coming back to haunt us. Remember Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright Brothers? …! The American and European ruling factions would like us to believe everything they tells us. Black Africans did nothing in this world. Once the truth is revealed, man-woman as well as civilization are deeply rooted and ultimately originate in Africa.

Understanding the Importance and Value of African American Studies

It is of paramount importance to study African American History. George Santayana said that those who do not learn history will be doomed to repeat it. Because of all the attachments and memories that go with it, history of African Americans living in America can sometimes seem tense. It is difficult to think of the North American slave market in this current time. As Scot French painful as it might seem, there is much to be proud of post the Slavery Era/Reconstruction Era/Civil Rights Era. If you study African American History/American History/World History, you can see the immense maturity of a Nation.

America and African Americans have come independently since 1619, when our original mix of slaves arrived in Virginia Colony. You will be inspired by the perseverance and courage these Africans displayed to make America great. These are the people who, despite being held captive by laws and chains, were able to rise above all the complexities. An in-depth and accurate study of African Americans should be required for all Americans. Traditional History books throughout America have often led to the belief that African Americans were hopeless and helpless, or a people of despair. When one looks at the stories of Anthony Johnson (one of the original 20 slaves) and Denmark Vesey (first African American Entrepreneur), Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler (first African American woman to get a medical doctorate in the US), they will find that African Americans have always been fighters, innovators, and intelligent.